Cyber 360

The Tesserent Cyber 360 framework underpins both our go-to-market model, and the Tesserent (ASX: TNT) growth strategy.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive end-to-end security services - we aim to be the trusted partner of our clients across all their cybersecurity and risk management requirements. TNT is the only listed pure cybersecurity firm, providing this through its Cyber 360 strategy.

Cyber 360 covers the three main security domains of people, process and technology. Step 1 is to identify and assess current levels of threat, risks and protection. Step 2 is to take corrective action where gaps are identified. Step 3 is to monitor the system, respond to threats and incidents and to facilitate reporting to both boards and regulators.

Cyber 360 gives boards and executives confidence that optimal security has been deployed and that ROI is realised for their security investment.

Cyber 360 Wheel

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