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Tesserent’s innovation division is focusing on developing and investing in new cyber technologies, cyber products, and innovative companies that are developing leading technology platforms and tools that will enable Tesserent to deliver our mission to be the Sovereign Cybersecurity Provider of choice for the Protection of Australia and New Zealand’s Digital Assets. We are in active discussions with a number of organisations and will continue to look for:

  • Great solutions and real IP to secure data, people and company assets;
  • Organisations with great teams and aligned values;
  • Solutions that are currently revenue generating with the ability to scale globally;
  • The opportunity to exclusively distribute into our growing customer base through master distribution rights; and
  • Enable the best of the 360 Sovereign cyber security firms to scale their business.

Tesserent Innovation investments to date include:


Tesserent Innovation has acquired a stake in Daltrey Pty Ltd a leading sovereign biometric company. The Sydney-based Daltrey’s biometric technology enables an organisation’s users to prove who they are quickly and securely in both digital and physical scenarios without the need for passwords or swipe cards improving trust and accountability across the enterprise1 . Daltrey will initially work with Tesserent’s Canberra based team to deliver sales into the Federal Government market who are actively evaluating increased adoption of biometric solutions.

Tesserent's investment includes:

- Initial investment of $600K with a future investment of $1.1M subject to key KPIs being achieved, giving an initial 7% holding in the company

- Additional options secured to invest up to $10M in growth funds to support global expansion ambitions

The full announcement regarding Daltrey can be viewed here.


TrustGrid is an innovative and patent-protected advanced blockchain technology used to provide privacy-preserved, secure and private digital trust services. 

Tesserent Innovation has acquired a 25% stake in TrustGrid. The full announcement regarding TrustGrid can be viewed here

AttackBound is an artificial intelligence-based Cyber Threat Intelligence platform that provides organisations a holistic view of the attack surface from a hacker perspective (both in the private and public sector).  Tesserent Innovation has acquired a 25% stake in AttackBound. In addition to its equity stake, Tesserent has established a strategic partnership with TrustGrid and AttackBound to incorporate the distribution of these solutions into its Cyber 360 offering for Australia and New Zealand customers.

The full announcement regarding AttackBound can be viewed here

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