Tesserent is Australia's largest ASX listed cybersecurity consulting firm based in Australia servicing clients globally. As such we provide opportunities to work with some of the best cybersecurity professionals in Australia, and to grow and develop your career.

We strive to be the security employer that the best and brightest aspire to work with.

We do this by providing our people with interesting and challenging work and by giving them the opportunities to continuously develop their professional skills through training and certification.

Our team is highly skilled, multi-cultural and Australian based. We currently employ over 300 security professionals located across 5 offices in Australia and New Zealand.

As an employer we have an empowering attitude, allowing individuals to contribute their ideas to lead and inspire excellence. If the opportunity to work with customers to enhance their cybersecurity strategy, capability and management inspires you, then Tesserent is the place to grow your career.

How do our people rate working for Tesserent?

Our people report strong Engagement rating The Tesserent Group as exactly equal to a cohort of some of the most desirable tech companies in the world to work for. 1

There is a strong sense of pride and high Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), with 81% who say they would recommend the company they work for within the Tesserent Group, as a great place to work.

Our people report rarely thinking about looking for a job at another company - they see themselves working with their current company in two years' time. We are significantly stronger in this measure of Engagement than our global peers. 1

1. Benchmarked against 'New Tech 2020' - a group of over 650+ global tech companies who also work with Culture Amp as their survey partner.

ask our people about Work & Life BLEND! AND Collaboration & Communication

We rate especially highly on:

  • people make a good effort to consult others,
  • people feel supported to take time out,
  • they can work flexibly as required and
  • they work with a manager who genuinely cares for their well-being.

We rate highly on Enablement and Alignment & Involvement - our people know what needs to be done to be successful and they have enough autonomy to perform effectively

There is high Company Confidence relating to change - a strong belief that as group we are in a position to succeed - important for a fast-growing company like Tesserent.

STRONG engagement positioned to succeed

Who makes up the Tesserent Group?

Who makes up the Tesserent Group?

Why work for Tesserent

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