Technical Assurance and Testing

    Our team of offensive cybersecurity experts will assess your organisation’s network, systems, applications and people for security vulnerabilities.

    From penetration testing to specialist intelligence services, our proven methodology developed over the last two decades set us apart from our competitors. Our technical assurance team offers:

    Penetration Testing: We have conducted tens of thousands of security audits and penetration tests for a broad range of industries. We are trusted advisors and invest heavily in the training of our people and in the leading toolsets for penetration testing. We offer:

    • Internal and External Penetration Testing,
    • Physical Testing and Social Engineering,
    • Red Teaming engagements,
    • Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) testing,
    • Mobile Application Testing,
    • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (bug & eavesdropping detection).

    Application Security: We’re passionate about DevSecOps (putting the Security into DevOps) in modern environments and have worked with many clients to improve how security is embedded within development pipelines. We offer:

    • Application Security Review (Gap Assessment), 
    • Application Development
    • Developer Training, 
    • Source Code, 
    • Internet of Things security integration,
    • Cloud Security Review, 
    • Project Defined – we can tailor a project with specific outcomes in almost any area of application security.

    Threat Intelligence Services: Our Intelligence Consultants can identify what there is to be found, originating from your organisation, beyond your network borders, that could pose a threat.

    We use a mixture of intelligence gathering methods, tools and expert knowledge. We detect a range of findings which are advantageous to an attacker and not detected by traditional scanners and penetration testing through monitoring of:

    • Dark Web markets and forums,
    • Underground hacker communities,
    • Social media exposed risks,
    • Paste Sites,
    • Internet Relay Chat channels,
    • the wider Internet.

    We look to see what shouldn’t be there, i.e. stolen data, personal information leakage, breached credentials, proprietary code etc. This can often be the first indication that you have had a breach!

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