Cyber Education

    Keeping security top-of-mind across an entire organisation is a perennial challenge, but it’s one we’re able to address with face-to-face (or remote) high-impact awareness sessions.

    Security Awareness Training: All our sessions are delivered by subject matter experts in a highly engaging, practical and interactive manner. The five key topic areas that we focus on:

    1. Passwords – so many people still don’t know what a “strong” password is;
    2. Physical security – great if your offices have access cards, and security;
    3. Bad USB and Public WIFI – great for staff who travel often;
    4. Social Media and Privacy – general advice to match your own policies;
    5. Phishing – still the number one issue most organisations deal with.

    The sessions are customised and tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, their industry, the attendees’ security maturity level and are designed to match and reinforce existing policies and instructions for escalating and reporting security incidents.

    Technical Training: We also deliver technical training across a number of subject areas, including DevSecOps. 

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