Digital Forensics and Incident Response


    At some point, despite all your investments in improving your cybersecurity, it is likely that you will suffer a cyber-related incident. It is the preparation that you have done prior that will dictate the impact. Good incident response starts with preparation! 

    Our team has deep expertise in the assessment, development and testing of Cyber and Security Incident Response Plans. We can:

    • Assess your current Cyber Incident Response capability and test its execution,
    • Give senior management a clear understanding of the current capability of your organisation to effectively respond to a cybersecurity incident, and where there are shortfalls,
    • Develop and enhance your organisational capacity to respond to an incident,
    • Identify internal skill shortages, 
    • Test your cyber response capabilities through a simulated scenario.

    Responding and Investigating:

    In the event of an incident we can assist with; a prioritised restoration of services, securing critical evidence, project coordination, advice on communications and reputation management, threat attribution, post-incident support and recommendations for strengthening your security.

    The preservation and collection of digital evidence are paramount in circumstances where corporate fraud or malicious insiders are suspected. Digital Forensics assists with this process.

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